When you feel strongly about hospitality, you want to display that in every way possible. MAXIM offers innovative concepts and products that will fit your level of hospitality, quality and corporate identity like a glove.

Maximize Your Hospitality

Functional Communication

MAXIM is a concept of Maxim, Calvin and Dimitri Kiks, who share over 30 years of experience and expertise in signing and functional communication with regards to the food service, retail, and business industry. Like their customers, MAXIM focuses on reaching the optimal level of hospitality, service, and appeal. We will gladly advise you on the MAXIMisation of your hospitality!

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While using the MAXIM concept, it is possible to design your own buffet cards. Quick, simple, and in your own corporate design.



The magnetic buffet cards are easily interchangeable and can be orderly arranged, per product group, in a storage file.



You are no longer reliant on a supplier. Within minutes, you are able to easily print your own new buffet cards.



We use both high-quality materials as well as sustainable suppliers. Therefore, to do our part, our products have a long lifespan and we recycle.


How we can be of value to you

MAXIM Concept

MAXIMize Your Hospitality

By printing the cards yourself, you house your own communication. Quick, simple, and in your own corporate design. Want to add a new dish, text, or allergen icon? Your print it yourself within minutes.

Online design

An online design portal to easily and flawlessly create buffet cards.

Card printing

Print them yourself, quick and simple.


Ideal communication for your buffet!


A Showcase we are proud of!
The MAXIM Concept offers a total solution to present and communicate your hospitality to the best of its ability. MAXIMise your presentation with clear communication, stylishly formed, in your own corporate design, and instantly available.


A selection of our product range

Our barriers are meant as a subtle partition with communication on both sides. Though temporarily closed off, the area remains visible and guests realise they are welcome later on.

Ideal piece of furniture for your guests or public speakers. Easy to assemble and with a quick-change canvas.

By using our Eye Catcher display, you quickly and easily communicate in a remarkably stylish way. Moreover, the Eye Catcher display is ideal for communicating thematic actions such as Valentine’s day, Easter, and Christmas.

Our picture backgrounds are an excellent way to create unique photos for your guests. Your logos on the background, will be seen by many via, among others, Social Media. The functional partition can be deployed quickly and flexibly.

More often than not, a hotel or convention centre has flexible opening hours for their different areas. In order to point this out in a prominent yet stylish way, we offer high-quality information stands with an easily convertible sign. The signs can be executed in your own corporate design.


Experts with a passion for the job

Maxim Kiks

E: maxim@maxim-fc.com

Dimitri Kiks

E: dimitri@kiks.nl

Calvin Kiks

E: calvin@maxim-fc.com



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